LPNI Health Topic – February 2017



How many of you take time for yourselves?  How many of you continue with my plan rather than God’s plan for me?  How many of you miss meals, workouts, medications, doctor visits, or just “me time”?  I think I know the answer: most, if not all, of us have done some or all the above some or most of the time!


I recently had a very interesting week.  I was going to fly from San Diego in California to Minnesota to pick up my brother for a visit with my family.  He is developmentally disabled and cannot fly unaccompanied.  For a variety of reasons, I decided to fly in one day, arriving in the evening, and fly out the next day in the early morning.  Minnesota weather in January is quite unpredictable due to cold and snow, but I thought it would be OK.  The following week I was to fly back to Minnesota with him and then return to San Diego the same day!


The week before his flight he fell and injured his leg.  I developed a nasty head cold.  However, up until the day before the flight, I still was proceeding with my plan.  Finally, due to some complications with my brother, and my continued illness, we cancelled all plans.


I didn’t want my plans to be interrupted, but God loves me, and my brother, and you enough to interrupt what we think is best for us and do what is best for us, in spite of us!  God loves each of us so very much that He will do anything for us.


The following is great to remember about God’s love for you and for me.



                                                      THAT HE G A VE

                                                             HIS ON L Y

                                                          BEGOTT E N

                                                                    SO N

                                                                          T HAT WHOSOEVER

                                                      BELIEVETH I N HIM

                                                          SHOULD N OT PERISH

                                                      BUT HAVE  E VERLASTING LIFE

Sue Neff, RN

Parish Nurse, 

San Diego, California, USA